Crochet Pattern – Sleek Ruffle Ridge


Crochet Pattern – Sleek Ruffle Ridge
by Ann Reillet

A little texture goes a long way in breaking up patterned stitches or transitioning sections. This pattern works a series of layered stitches that is relatively easy to crochet without the overcrowding that is generally used to create ruffles. The first row is an “X” pattern, worked forward then behind. The second row is worked entirely in the previous row, thereby lifting the first row and creating a ridge.

Chain (a number divisible by 3 and add 5)
Row 1: dc in 7th ch from hook, ch 2, working in reverse (do not turn) -sk1-dc in next behind the dc already worked, *sk2, dc, ch 2, work 1 dc in 1st skipped st behind the dc just made, *repeat across, ending with 1 dc in last ch.
Row 2: ch3, 3 tr (yo2x) in each 2nd unworked stitch of row 1, ending with a dc in top of last dc
Row 3: Repeat rows 1 & 2 for desired length.


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