Crochet – Paisley Doily

Crochet Paisley Doily
by Ann Reillet


Step 1:
• Print a picture of a paisley on copy paper or trace the outline of one onto fabric. Affix with sewing pins to foam pad. I used this:


Step 2:
Crochet a coaster to fill the bottom area. I worked this:

• ch 8, sl st in 1st ch to form ring

• Rnd 1: working over tail, 16 sc in ring, join w/sl st in 1st sc

• Rnd 2: ch 5 (counts as dc+2chs), *dc in next sc, ch 2, repeat around (=16 dc, each separated by 2 chs), join with hdc to 3rd ch of beg dc)

• Rnd 3: ch 3 (counts as dc), ch 12 & sc in 3rd ch of beg dc, dc in same sp, *ch 1, dc in next ch2sp, ch 1, [dc-ch12-sc in dc just made-dc in same sp], *repeat around, join with sl st in 1st dc

• Rnd 4: *working in ch12 loop, [1sc-2hdc-3dc-5tr-3dc-2hdc-1sc, join with sl st), 2 sc in each of the next two ch1sps, *repeat around, join with sl st in beg sc

• Rnd 5: sl st to 3rd tr st-ch1-sc in same st, *ch 6, dbltr (yo3x) in sp betw petals, ch 6, sc in 3rd tr of next petal, *repeat around, join w/sl st in beg sc

• Rnd 6: ch 5 (counts as dc and 2ch)-dc in same sp (to form v-st), *ch 7, 2trtogdcr (inverted v-st ^ ) in next two ch5sps, ch 7, dc-ch2-dc in next sc, *repeat around, join with sl st in beg dc

• Rnd 7: sl st in ch2sp, ch2, *4dc-popcorn, ch4, 3dc-tog, ch4, 2 3tr-tog-dcr, ch4, 3dc-tog, *repeat around, join with ch 1-dc in 1st popcorn

• Rnd 8: *[ch5-sl st in 3rd ch-ch7-sl st in 4th ch-ch2], sk 1 ch4sp, sl st in next ch4sp, *repeat around, join with sl st to beg

• Rnd 9: ch2, dc, *ch5, [dc-ch2-dc in 2nd ch betw picots], ch5, 2-dctog in sl st between this and next picot, *repeat around, join and end. Break thread. Weave in tail.

Paisley Doily WIP

Step 3:
• Pin coaster on paisley outline.

• Crochet a chain that is exactly long enough to outline paisley, Try not to pull, but lay flat with consistent tension, pinning it along the outline so that it doesn’t become twisted. Then, sl st ends of chain together; like a necklace. Break thread.

• With sewing needle and thread of a similar color, hand-sew the coaster to the ch

• Fill in remaining open space with motifs like:
Half Circle: ch4, 8tr in 4th ch from hook, sc around perimeter.
Flowers: ch4, 2dctog in 4th ch from hook, ch 3, sl st in same 1st ch, *ch3, 2dctog,ch3, sl st, *repeat around for 4 or 5 petals
Narrow Triangle: ch 3, 2dc in top, ch 3, dc in each st, hold to outline and shape as needed.
The fill-ins can be any shape; flowers, circles, triangles, whatever fits.

*Sew motifs to one another and to the outlining chain.

• Leave pinned on the  foam pad to block shape.

Step 4:
• Remove pins. Press (Cotton with steam. Starch optional.)

Crochet an edging. I worked one round of sc followed by dc Xs and ended with sc picots. When working the edge, crochet into the ch and work over tails. At end, weave in any remaining tails and snip to clean.

• Add embellishments like lace trim or beadwork. Leave as is or dye, etc…

Paisley Doily by AR

Printer Friendly Pattern: crochet-paisley-doily-by-ar

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