Crochet Dress – Designer Fashions


Diane von Furstenberg’s “Crochet Adie” Dress

“Imitation is the highest form of flattery.” – 19th Century Proverb

Halter Dress Pattern




Diane von Furstenberg’s “Lelu” Dress

Tank Dress Pattern

DvF Lelu Dress Pattern



Irina Irina Motif Dress

They don’t call Irina Irina ‘The Wizard’ for nothing; her designs are stunning. This is a motif dress comprised of just two (2) patterns; an 8-petal flower and a small square.

When four (4) of the flowers are joined, the smaller square is used as fill-in.

Can be made as a tunic, dress, blouse or skirt with minimal shaping.

Motif Dress Pattern

Irina Irina Motif Dress


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