Crochet Irish Rose Medallion

Irish Rose Medallion
by Ann Reillet

There are many variations to the Irish Rose, all with merit. Feel free to use the method of your choosing.

The center rose began with a ch 6, join, ch 6 (=dc+3ch), *dc, ch3, dc *until there are 6 sps, sl st to join
• Tier 1: in the ch3sp, sc-5dc-sc
• Tier 2: from a (back post slip stitch) loop of 4, sc-7dc-sc
• Tier 3: from a loop of 5, sc-9dc-sc
• Tier 4: from a loop of 6, sc-11dc-sc
• Tier 5: from a loop of 7, sc-13dc-sc
• Tier 6: from a loop of 8, sc-15dc-sc
• Tier 7: from a loop of 9, sc-17dc-sc

Sl st to the 3rd dc, ch1, sc, ch5, sk5, 2dctog-ch5-2dctog in center dc (8th dc), ch 5, sk5, sc in 15th (that is the 3rd to last dc), ch5, sc in 3rd dc of next petal and continue around in this manner, joining w/sl st to 1st sc.

Sl st 3 times in ch5sp, ch1, sc in same, *ch5, 2sc in ch5sp betw togs, ch5, sc in next ch5sp, 9tr (yo3x) in ch5 sp betw petals, sc in next ch5sp and *continue around in this manner, joining with a sl st to 1st sc

Venetian Rnd (will have to turn several times), ch1, *7sc in ch5sp, 4sc in next, ch5-turn-slst in 4th sc, ch1, turn, 4sc over the ch5, picot, 3sc over the same ch5sp, sl st, and 3sc over remaining ch sp, sl st in 1st tr, 11 tr in the center (5th tr), sl st in last, and *continue in this manner to end.

Optional: Add a bead to ctr. Triple join to other motifs at picot, ctr tr, and picot.

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