Vintage Crochet – Netting with Motifs, Flower Chain Squares

Flower Chain Square Doily

There are many variations to this crochet square, whether it’s the center flower that differs or the surrounding net which can be made simple or with a picot trellis. The common factor is the ending shape from which similar motifs can be joined, resulting in a patterned chain of flowers reminiscent of Irish lace. These can be used to make runners, tablecloths, bedspreads, insertion lace, even clothing.

Here’s a basic form comprised of a 12-petal flower (sempervivum) surrounded in chains, clusters (leaf) and trois-picot or tricot corner.


• ch6, join with sl st to 1st ch to form ring,
• ch4, *dc, ch2 until there are 12sps, join with a ch2 slst in 2nd ch,
• sl st in 1st ch2sp, ch3-2tr tog in same, *ch5, 3tr-tog in next ch2sp, *continue around, join with ch2, dc in beg tog
• ch 9, *dc in next ch5sp, ch 6 *repeat around, join with ch6, sl st in 3rd ch of beg dc.
• [ch 8, sc in 3rd ch from hook, ch 5, sc in same, ch 3, sc in same] ch 2, 4tr-tog in first ch6sp, *ch 7, hdc in next ch6sp, ch 7, 4tr-tog in next, ch2, tr (yo3x) in dc, [ch3, sc in tr, ch5, sc in same, ch3, sc in same], ch 2, 4tr-tog in ch6sp, *repeat around.

• Join additional squares at 4 points along any side. 1) The center ch5picot with a ch2-sc-ch2, 2 &3) each of the ch7s with a ch3-sc-ch3 and finally 4) the next center ch5-picot.

This is a fun pattern to experiment with, decreasing or increasing the number of rounds that surround the flower. Make the flower petals longer by completing them in two rounds; the first placing 3 dcs, then 2dc-tog on top. Any medium can be used, yarn or thread. The photo herein represents a 2″ square in Aunt Lydia’s size 20 thread using a #10 (1.30MM) steel hook, but one could easily adjust the size and number of chains to fit a target size, like 4″ or 6″ inches.

Other Example With Irish Rose

This is the motif for Piecework Magazine’s IC Pincushion. The written pattern is available online free of charge here:


The shape can vary. Here is a lovely joined motif pattern by Inna Malyuga. I worked one of the motifs in a 5/2 wt. and can say with certainty, it’s too big. I think this was made in a size 10 or a lace wt yarn. Also, there’s some freeform in the work in that it doesn’t match the chart exactly, so if you make this, pay close attention to the photograph as you work.


Here is a YT video presented by Alonya Salimova with instructions on joining Irish Rose squares.  Her technique for creating the net with an even count of 6/sl st in 3rd ch from hook gives a much neater appearance than the vintage 2-3-2 count which forms more of an arc. If you have time, please watch Alonya’s video, she’s very talented.

Many examples of netted motifs exist, which, when joined create intricate IC lacework, without the traditional time-consuming network achieved by pinning motifs and filling the space between.

A good example of this is Fig. 81 Rosette surrounded by square- shaped ground. Th. de Dillmont, DMC Library-Irish Crochet Lace, Mulhouse, Dollfus-Mieg & Cie, ca 1900. Available here:

The pattern is shown on pg 33.
The rosette is shown on pg 10, Fourth Wheel. Fig 18

The ground in this pattern is remarkably similar to the rosette, a staple among IC, in that it too uses back post slip stitches to maneuver from the 1st to the 3rd picot. The technique which gives the tiers of the rose a raised texture appearance also lifts the tricot or triple picot.



Crochet Net Dress

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