Irish Crochet Motif – Spike Leaf Flower

Irish Crochet Motif – Spike Leaf Flower

• Leaf: Silver in silk fingering wt with #6 hook and green in Finca No. 12 with #7 hook.
• Flower: Silver in silk fingering wt and purple in Aunt Lydia’s Fashion No. 3. I used a #6 hook.
• Vine: Silver in silk fingering wt. I used a #6 hook.

I designed this motif to pair with the “Sunflower” pattern by Natalia Kornonova, available here:

The spear edge created by clusters and picots is reminiscent of ranunculus and the Helleborus niger (Peppermint Ice) with its serrated edge leaf.

Printer Friendly Pattern:

   Crochet Spike Leaf Flower by AR Apr 2017

Leaf Pattern:

1st Rnd: ch 8, working in single strand: sc in 2nd ch from hook, hdc in next, dc in each of the next 3 chs, hdc in next, 3sc in last, turn for oval, working in single strand on this side: hdc in hdc and mirror remaining sts to end, ch 1, sl st in back loop of 1st sc across, [color change optional]

2nd Rnd: ch 1, sc in same, sc in each remaining back loop excepting the 3dcs add 1 for 2 total and end add 2 extra for 3 total in last st to turn for oval, mirror sts back, 3 sc in last, sl st in beg sc,

3rd Rnd:  ch 1, sc in same, *2-dc-tog in next st, picot (ch4, sc in 4th ch from hook), working in 2nd bar of dc: 3 sc, sc in next st, *repeat around. At end, ch 3 for stem.

Vine Pattern:

Cut a strand about 15″, fold in half twice, set aside. ch 55, sc in 2nd ch from hook over the solid fold (2 strands), now sc into remaining chs over all 4 strands. On the 2nd to last sc, cut the ends of the packing cord, sc twice in last st for rounded finish. Break thread long and use tail to sew end onto flower.

Flower Pattern:     See correction below in RED

i.)            ch 5, join with sl st to 1st ch to form ring,

ii.)           ch 1, sc in ring, *ch3, sc, *repeat for 4 loops, do not join, ch 1, turn

iii.)          In each ch3sp: [sl st in ch3sp, ch4, 2-tr, ch4, sl st], at end, ch 1, turn

iv.)          *ch 4, bp sl st betw petals, *repeat to end (=4 loops), at end, ch 1, turn

v.)           In each ch4sp: [sl st in ch4sp, ch4, 3-tr, ch4, sl st], at end, ch 1, turn

vi.)          repeat “iv.” [color change optional]

vii.)         In each ch4sp: [sl st, ch4, 2 tr, picot, 4 sc down bar of tr, sc in same ch4sp, sl st, ch4, tr, picot, 4 sc  down bar of last tr, sc in same ch4sp] (=2 petals per ch4sp / loop) (8 total). End. Weave in tails.

Assemble flower by hand sewing flower and leaf to vine.

4 thoughts on “Irish Crochet Motif – Spike Leaf Flower

    • At the end of row 2, the hook is still in the sc position, so you turn the work and insert the hook into the ch3sp, draw through both loops, then commence row 3 with a ch 4 followed by 2 triples and ch 4 again, sl st in same ch3sp and into the next ch3sp, again chaining 4, 2 triples and ch 4, sl st in this ch3sp and into next until all four ch3sps have 4 sts each. Hope that helps.

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