Mixed Media Motif – Fabric Crochet

Mixed Media Motifs

Fabric Center & Leaf

Fabric Center Fabric Leaf

Above: Freeform

Below: From a Photo

This is photo No. 24 titled La Basque from Alfred Noyer Salon de Paris “Les Plus Belles” series. It was taken by Jean Agelou and dates to around 1911. What interests me most about the photo postcard is the Sioban she’s wearing or Chapel Veil, which the Spaniards call a “Mantilla”. The large circular motifs appear to have fabric centers.






After hand-sewing the circle in French script fabric and overlaying it with Tulle. I added a blanket stitch border. I placed 3sc in each loop of the blanket stitch and joined to the front loop. Then I created a 7dc shell in the front loop with sc between.

Next I worked triples in the back loop separated by ch4.

To end. I worked a 3-tr cluster in each tr, separated by ch5 and went over the ch5 with 7 sc.

                              Doily du jour
                           Have a great day!

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