Velvet and Crochet Quilting Squares

Printer Friendly Pattern:

Vintage Victorian Velvet and Crochet Pattern Interpretation by AR

Filet Crochet Frame


Venetian Crochet Motif Frame


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3 thoughts on “Velvet and Crochet Quilting Squares

  1. Finishing my 20th border in size 5 perle cotton, 2.25 mm Clover hook. Planning cotton and cotton flannel squares – this is far from a velvet household. Your chart is great and the pattern amazingly quick. Thanks so much! And for documenting so well (enough to remind me I have those clips). You sewed not crocheted the borders together, what stitch recommendation?

    • That’s wonderful. Yes, I sewed the pcs together using a “whip stitch” sometimes, using the tails, other times, just sewing thread of a similar color. Line up fronts facing and whipstitch the outer single strands, always sliding needle front to back.

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