The Crochet Jewels by Ann Reillet

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You’ve heard of The Crown Jewels, right?

Buccellati Inspired Doily

Here are some inspired crocheted gems as coasters & doilies:

The Crochet Jewels by Ann Reillet

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Read about the History of Buccellati:

More Buccellati Inspired Crochetwork


A colorful 3″ medallion inspired by a Buccellati earring design.



Thistles are fun to make; and easy. They’re basically 2 1/2 leaves sewn together with a tassel inserted and a stem added. The leaves are similar to an oak leaf. I make a narrow oval in sc then go around it with 2-in-1-stitch shells separated by sl sts.

Petit Fleur


From earrings. This flower is made in DMC Perle No. 8 Ecru and Lizbeth Size 20 Col 611 Gold with a #10 (1.30mm) hook.

  • ch 6, join with sl st in 1st ch to form loop, ch 1
  • 1st Rnd:  12 sc in ring, join with sl st in beg sc
  • 2nd Rnd:  ch5 (counts as dc + ch2), dc in previous st (the 11th of 12 from previous round), *dc in next st-ch2-dc in previous st, *Repeat around, join with sl st in 1st leg of “X” st, ch 1
  • 3rd Rnd:  (color change) 3 sc in each ch2sp, join with sl st,
  • 4th Rnd:  (color change) working in back loops only: sl st to center (2nd of 3 sts), ch 3 (counts as dc), 3 dc in same, ch 1, *sk 2 sts to center of next, 4dc, ch 1, *Repeat around, join with sl st in 3rd ch of beg dc
  • 5th Rnd:  *4dc-tog-dcr, ch 3, hdc in ch1sp, ch 3, *Repeat around and join, ch 1
  • 6th Rnd:   *3 sc in ch3sp, sk hdc in “valley”, 3 sc in next ch3sp, hdc in “tip” st, *Repeat around, join with sl st in beg sc,
  • 7th Rnd:  (color change) *ch 4, sk 3 sts, sl st in tip, ch 4, sl st in valley sp, *Repeat around, join with sl st in beg st, ch1
  • 8th Rnd:  *in first ch4sp work: sc-ch1-sc-ch1-sc, in tip work: dc-ch1-dc-ch1-dc-ch1, in next ch4sp work: sc-ch1-sc-ch1-sc, *Repeat around. Join. End. Break thread. Weave in tail.


While some jewelry might prove difficult to crochet, others lend themselves well. I find it easier to break it down into manageable components and work atop a drawing or printout.

Below, a George Fouquet turn of the last century brooch and leaf spray; wonderfully decorative in arrangement and color. Perhaps the first, with a miniature doll face; mixed media, but the second? That looks like it would work up quick.




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